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Cannabis News & Technology

Weaker Edibles for Oregon?

Oregon officials are proposing that recreational cannabis edibles be half as strong as what can be obtained in Washington State and Colorado.

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Vapium Summit - A Rugged Portable Vaporizer

Abolish The DEA

A Powell’s Staff Pick:
” Glossy pages, color photos, and 500+ pages of detailed and accessible information make this a must-have for novices and experts alike.” 

Recreational consumption of cannabis is legal in:




Washington, D.C

Washington State 

More to come … 

Desktop Vaporizers


  • Compatible with Oils, Waxes and Dried Herbs
  • Designed by ex-Nasa Engineers
  • Made in the USA
  • Very Rapid Heating/Precision Control
  • Balloon, Whip and “Freestyle” Modes

Volcano Digital

  • Compatible with Oils and Dried Herbs
  • Quality German Engineering
  • The Old Workhorse
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • A Superior Balloon System

Handheld Vaporizers


  • Compatible with Dried Herbs
  • Very Discrete and Pocketable
  • Handsome Design
  • Big Clouds for a Small Unit
  • 10 Year Warranty Covers Defects

Haze Dual V3

  • Compatible with Dried Herbs, Oils, and Waxes
  • Innovative Dual-Chamber Design
  • Removable Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Features Convection and Conduction Screens
  • Better than the Original Haze

Pen Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber Aura

  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • No-Threading, Magnetic Connections
  • Variable Temp
  • Three Atomizers Included
  • Superior Vapor Production

Source Orb V3

  • Compatible with Waxes and Dried Herbs
  • Includes 7 Different Atomizers
  • 8 Voltage Settings
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Excellent Airflow

Dorm Grow LED

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